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The USS Little Rock CL 92 - CLG 4/CG 4 history

History CL-92

USS Little Rock (CL-92) was laid down by Cramp Shipbuilding Co., Philadelphia, PA on 06 March 1943; launched on 27 August 1944 sponsored by Mrs. Sam Wassell; and commissioned 17 June 1945 with Capt. William E. Miller in command. Five additional Commanding Officers would command the Little Rock during her service as CL-92.
After shakedown off Cuba and training along the Atlantic coast, Little Rock departed Newport, RI, 21 October for South America. Following a five month cruise to many Latin American countries the cruiser returned to Norfolk VA on 23 March 1946. For the next two months she performed exercises off the east coast and in the Caribbean, before sailing for Europe on 04 June 1946. After operating with the 6th Fleet throughout the summer the Little Rock returned to Norfolk on 27 September 1946.
From September 1946 to 1949, the cruiser performed east coast exercises, operated in the Caribbean on training maneuvers, and sailed to the Mediterranean during 1947 and 1948.
Little Rock was decommissioned 24 June 1949 and joined the Atlantic Reserve Fleet at New York. To see a list of places the ship and crew of CL-92 visited, go to the "Places visited by the U.S.S. Little Rock ..." page.
The U.S.S. Little Rock was later removed from its mothballed status in the Reserve Fleet, reclassified as CLG-4, and then extensively retro-fitted before being put back into service as a guided missile cruiser.
Specifications as CL-92:
Displacement: 10,000 tons
Length: 610' 1"
Beam: 66' 4"
Draft: 20'
Speed: 33 knots
Complement: 992
Armament: 12 ea. 6" (4 triple mounts)
12 ea. 5" (6 twin mounts)
28 ea. 40 mm
10 ea. 20 mm
3 ea. Curtiss SC-1 "Seahawk" Seaplanes

CLG-4 / CG-4 A brief history....

On January 13, 1957, the U.S.S. Little Rock arrived at the New York Shipbuilding Corp. in Camden, NJ for conversion to a guided missile cruiser. Her hull designation was changed from CL-92 to CLG-4 on May 23, 1957.
Following conversion, the Little Rock arrived at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on May 6, 1960 and was commissioned on June 3, 1960. Senator J. William Fulbright (D-AR), gave the principal address to a crowd of more than 2,000 people. Little Rock was placed into commission by Rear Admiral Charles H. Lyman, Commandant of the Fourth Naval District, and Captain J.O. Phillips, Jr. assumed command.
The Little Rock, now "converted" to a missile cruiser had had all her guns removed except for a triple 6" and a double 5" mount, both forward. The conversion also included adding spacious "flag" accommodations which would provide for several admirals during Little Rock's second life. During the next sixteen years, under the command of no less than fourteen skippers, the Little Rock would distinguish herself as a peacetime naval vessel.
Departing Philadelphia 9 February 1961, Little Rock sailed for her first European cruise in her new role. After 6 months operating with the 6th Fleet and NATO units, the guided-missile cruiser returned to Norfolk in September.
While operating in the Caribbean, 18 November 1961, Little Rock was ordered to the waters off Santo Domingo to provide an element of stability during the uncertainty and unrest which plagued that country as rival factions vied to fill the political vacuum created by the assassination of Trujillo.
For the next 4 years Little Rock annually sailed to the Mediterranean, joining the mighty 6th Fleet, serving as its flagship in 1962, as it maintained the peace in southern Europe and the Middle East. During the months between deployments to the Mediterranean, she operated off the east coast, in the Caribbean, and off northern Europe with units of NATO countries.
Remaining on the East Coast during 1966 for overhaul and refresher training, she resumed a schedule of annual rotation to the Mediterranean in January 1967. Little Rock acted as ComSixthFleet, homeported in Gaeta Italy, from 1967 to 1970, and from 1973 to 1976. In June 1975, in keeping with the Navy's change of ship designations, Little Rock became CG-4.
Little Rock was decommissioned and stricken 22 November 1976. She arrived at Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park on 15 July 1977, and is presently open for visitors!

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